It can be difficult for any business to consistently gain the attention of customers. Every day millions of dollars are spent on television, radio, and print ads just to get a customer’s attention for a split second. It does not seem like a very efficient use of marketing resources. It is the traditional method of throwing as many darts as possible at the board and hoping a few stick. People have shorter attention spans and it is all too easy to turn the channel when ads come on, or to simply discard mass emails that are not particularly interesting.

Mobile Marketing Apps Smaller businesses don’t have the luxury of throwing extra money away on marketing solutions that do not produce effective results. If a business is going to put money into marketing, it should be on a solution that will create a platform that will enable direct communication with customers and grab their attention.

This is where smartphones and mobile devices are changing the way that businesses can interact with customers. Studies show that people will read text messages and push notifications within three seconds of receiving them. A mobile app has the ability to grab attention with push notifications by displaying relevant information to customers.


Are Mobile Marketing Apps Affordable?

The potential marketing power that professional mobile marketing apps provide used to cost many thousands of dollars to build (in some cases upwards of $50,000 for a single app). Larger businesses may have those resources available, but small businesses simply cannot afford that type of investment. It would also take considerable time for an app to be ready for market (sometimes up to 18 months). In a competitive business market, companies choosing to implement a mobile marketing app need more cost-effective and timely solutions that can be employed ahead of the competition.

Mobile marketing app development companies have the expertise in the technological areas to build an app that works across all platforms. These specialized companies also have the marketing skills necessary to ensure that the app properly executes the marketing strategy while promoting the brand. A professional and fully customizable app is now possible for a price that even the smallest businesses can afford. In most cases, a very affordable monthly fee is the method of payment, instead of a large initial investment.


Mobile Customer Rewards Apps

The most common type of mobile marketing app is a customer loyalty program. Rewards provide an excellent incentive to customers to download the app and continue to purchase from the business. Punch card or points-based models can be easily implemented in a mobile marketing app.

These types of solutions produce results that are easily tracked. The business can see how many customers have downloaded the app and how the customers are interacting with it. This provides immediate feedback on what is working while identifying possible areas for improvement. Purchasing habits can be analyzed to develop new promotions. The apps can utilize GPS positioning to display business locations and provide custom notifications when customers are close by.

Find out how mobile marketing apps can help increase sales and improve relationships with your customers today.