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This is a blog for Android app developers trying to learn how to market or promote their apps successfully in the various Android App Stores around the world.

As an Application Developer it is important to look at other markets for an extra stream of revenue. While the Android Market is the number one destination for games in the international market, your games and are not sold in Korea! Your Android Game is Not Sold in Korea.

About The Korean Market

Korea is currently in a Smartphone revolution. According to a Korean Communications Commission report, there were only 800,000 Smartphone users in 2009 but that number has skyrocketed to 10 million users within 15 months! It is estimated that this number will double by the end of 2011 and grow to over 30 million by the year 2012.


Gaming is a Part of Korean Culture

More than 17 million people, or 35% of the Korean population are active gamers with yearly revenue of approximately $6 billion dollars.


About the Android Market in Korea

The games category was removed entirely in Korea and the Android Market only accounts for 10% of Android App Sales in Korea!  All Android Game Developers must first register and pay submission fees to receive an age rating for the Korean Game Board. Then Developers need to register at the major app stores run by the Korean telecommunication companies such as the SK, KT, and LG Appstore. What makes this the most difficult is that this process is entirely in Korean.


At ZanoForum we will prep your app for the Korean Market.

Free Localization – Depending on the game we are ready to localize/translate your game free of charge to improve sales! We will also write up an effective introduction of your game in Korean for the Korean App Stores.

Free Registration – We will pay submission fees, register all forms and get a rating for your game to be sold in Korea. Then we will also do the work on getting your game registered at all the biggest Android Markets in Korea Only.

Free Marketing- We will professionally create game posters about your game in Korean about it’s features at ZERO cost to the Developer. In addition, a copy written press release will be drafted and distributed throughout the Korean Newswires.

Free Promotion- We have developed relationships with some of the largest and respective Korean App Reviewers. Your app will be reviewed and posted on over 20 App-related Sites at ZERO cost to you.

Event Promotion- Depending on the Game we will use Item Giveaways to bring extra attention to your app.


We Understand

Because we have worked with some of the largest Game Developers and Publishers we understand how important it is for Developers to receive personalized treatment. Please use the contact form and learn how you can enter into a RISK-FREE Partnership into one of the World’s Largest Game Markets.


About ZanoForum

ZanoForum is a South Korean-based Game Publisher, and App Marketing Company representing some of South Korea’s largest Game Developers and Publishers such as CJ E&M, Mobicle, 4:33, JellyOasis, and Moblix.