Android App Marketing Tips Writing an Android app is one thing, marketing it is another thing entirely. Successful app marketing calls for paying attention to certain factors. Like any other kind of marketing, there are techniques that work well for Android apps and not for other products. The most important things to be aware of are discussed below.



As with any product, price will definitely play a big role in the marketing strategy. While there are users who will never want to pay for an app, there many who will pay for a great one. So, ultimately the price must be in keeping with the quality of the application being sold. Don’t be fazed by apps that sell for less than one dollar. There are people who will pay three dollars or more for a great app that offers what they want. If you know the quality of your product, do not be afraid to charge what it is worth.


The Category Where it fits

This is a little trickier since some could easily fit under more than one category. Thankfully, the more categories an Android app can be listed under the better. Selecting the right category does take some serious thought if you want to get the most out of sales. Browse through the categories in the Android Market and get a feel of what is there.

The use of widgets and plug-ins is another good way to get noticed. One killer feature that any Android application should include is Wallpaper. Wallpaper as the name suggests is just that, screen decoration for Android users to put on their instruments.  Using wallpaper, widgets and plug-ins can result in an app instantly having four categories to be listed under. That is, a category for wallpaper, one for the widget used, one for the plug-in and of course, the main one for the app itself.



Having some appreciation of search engine optimization is important when it comes to the descriptions used for your app. Use a title and description that give a clear indication of what the app is about. The better the description the better your chance of coming up in searches on Google or the app marketplace. As such, if the app is about weight conversion, then make sure to use the terms ‘weight conversion’, ‘measurement conversions’ and similar wording. When writing the description, look at the terms used by your competitors, especially those with top ranking. Using some of the terms they use may just result in your app gaining ground.


Quality of Graphics

This is a big part of your selling pitch. If the icons for your apps and the other graphical images are poor, buyers will be turned off. Great images show that you took pride in creating the app. Many app creators pay designers to create their icons and other images for them.

In addition to the above points, having a unique app that people find useful will also help improve its marketability. Despite the thousands of applications currently on the market, people are always on the look out for apps that will meet a need or provide enterta.